The first blog post. Ever.

Words to start.

The thought of starting a blog never crossed my mind throughout the past years, even as I saw blogs progress within popular (and my own) understanding from opinion springboards to legitimate sources of information, discourse, and well — college humor, memes, images, and pop culture in general. The fact that sites like The Huffington Post and Deadline Hollywood (and Gizmodo and TMZ, etc.) are formally blogs but practically instantaneous periodicals is, although logically something that would draw me to blogs, actually something that turned me away from starting my own. The blog format could clearly be effective, useful, and generally more 21st-century compatible than other sources of information. But I didn’t want to be a source of information, or news. That just doesn’t make sense. And I didn’t want to have an “opinion springboard” or a place where I would simply recount my adventures. I had no need for a blog.

That need is somewhat evolved, though — as it turns out, graduating from college changed pretty much everything about my everyday life. Not diving straight into a career has given me something that I’ve craved (and when I say craved I mean a “it’s 5 AM and I have to wake up at 9 but still have a 3-page paper to write” sort of desperation craving) for the past four years: time. My parents’ generosity has been a big part of that, letting me live at home so long as I have a plan of what to work on for the next 8-9 months. There are so many things that have been accumulating in the back of my mind over these past four years — so many things I wish I had the time, energy, and resources to do. There are so many things, in fact, that I drown in trying to organize it all.

This blog came out of my desire to create; I’m tired of being a “creative” without a simple and easy way to express it. This and my accompanying website are more than anything an effort to establish control over my own identity in expression. My proposed career path in film production, albeit still undefined in numerous ways, will hopefully be one where I’ll have to fight to establish both a clear creative identity and voice. I don’t think it’s too soon to start working on those.

This will hopefully keep me writing. My writing has always been specific to a job, whether it was for my journalism work as an Arts Writer/Columnist for The Michigan Daily for the two screenplays I wrote in screenwriting classes at the University. To write whatever the hell I want should be rather nice, but not a reason for my thoughts to go off the deep end or anything.

FAMOUS FIRST WORDS, as I’m calling this blog, isn’t going to have a single focus, but it’ll likely be based in film, TV, the entertainment industry, and in certain cases whatever creative projects I’m working on. The site title is partly just a title I came up with, and partly a reference to the opening lines of different films throughout history. The last lines of films are often remembered as the most important; nonetheless, being in this particular part of my life and considering the new ways I want to look at films as I potentially start working on my own, I wanted to consider the opening lines and how they fit into the film as a whole.

So, I created the random quote generators on the blog sidebar, which, with each reload, will give a random film opening line and a random film closing line. The selections are limited to start with (about 50-60 possibilities in each), but that will grow quickly. And while there is a small chance of getting the same film for each, it is obviously slim. Although, one of the first times I tried it out myself, it came up with this:

The 2000 film X-Men and its 2003 sequel X2 have just about equivalent beginning and ending voiceovers, respectively. The plot development is such that X2’s final passage is the completion of a number of character arcs (Jean Grey, Wolverine, Cyclops) that X-Men started but never fully satisfied. Further, the reiteration shows the completion of one stage of Professor Xavier and his mutant pals’ adventures and the beginning of another, as signaled by the phoenix forming over the river at the end. To see these two randomly matched up, while intriguing considering the odds, was even more revealing considering the connection that it showed between the films. I didn’t remember this about the X-Men series, but seeing the connection opens up the two films’ plots to better understanding.

I’ve found that even completely unrelated movies can have lines that talk to each other. Go to any of the main pages (Home, About, Photos) and see what quotes show up.

For now, that’s it. Ideally, I’ll come back with something of more current significance.

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