OBSESSION: Film Photography

I’ve always been a little bit drawn to cameras — there are old photographs, taken by my father, that show a toddler me reaching for a camera on a tripod. I didn’t want to be in front of it so much as I wanted to control it; I was curious as to what the contraption was capable of.

Later on in life, as in 2005 (second semester of my freshman year in high school), I had the opportunity to learn old style black & white film photography, darkroom and all. I had been obsessed with digital cameras for a few years; they seemed like the next vital technology my family should hop on as quickly as possible — you know, somewhere among the DVDs, CD Writers, and Minidiscs, all of which I was quick to hop onto, ignoring that these technologies cost was mostly based on novelty and not advances in media quality. My high school’s Art Photo class forced me to go backward and explore the way photography had been done for a century. Continue reading

The first blog post. Ever.

The thought of starting a blog never crossed my mind throughout the past years, even as I saw blogs progress within popular (and my own) understanding from opinion springboards to legitimate sources of information, discourse, and well — college humor, memes, images, and pop culture in general. The fact that sites like The Huffington Post and Deadline Hollywood (and Gizmodo and TMZ, etc.) are formally blogs but practically instantaneous periodicals is, although logically something that would draw me to blogs, actually something that turned me away from starting my own. The blog format could clearly be effective, useful, and generally more 21st-century compatible than other sources of information. But I didn’t want to be a source of information, or news. That just doesn’t make sense. And I didn’t want to have an “opinion springboard” or a place where I would simply recount my adventures. I had no need for a blog. CONTINUE READING →