Bricks are the asphalt of old Boston and Cambridge.

I’ve been in Cambridge, MA for the past four days visiting my brother, who’s attending Harvard Law School. After having dinner in Boston’s North End last night, my family and I took a trip out to Boston today, visiting Quincy Market, Faneuil Hall, and the surrounding areas.

Not having been here in a long time, I could easily forget that Boston and Cambridge are very, very old cities. But even here, where there are numerous landmarks to document, I wouldn’t try to take very interesting photos with my iPhone 4 (my Canon 60D didn’t come on this trip), save for the occasional Instagram or picture for Twitter. But the picture above, taken mistakenly while fidgeting with my phone, offered some cool focus and blur effects I could never have achieved if actually trying. Cool road surfaces and boat shoes prove somewhat picturesque in this odd mistake that I actually rather enjoy.


I recently traveled relatively far from the Michigan homeland of Ann Arbor — first I visited Vancouver, BC for the Vancouver International Film Festival and then continued on to Los Angeles for four days. While most of the trip was social and vacation-like, it was all nonetheless embedded in the context of filmmaking and my future career plans. Zug played at the Vancouver International Film Festival on Oct. 1 and 4, and the next week I was on to Los Angeles to pay my old Disney friends and coworkers a quick visit.

I don’t get out of the house much (or at least out of Ann Arbor). The occasional trip is, then, something I’m remarkably not used to — the combination of the comfort of home and the danger of peanut ingestion on the road often keeps me in a physical comfort zone where it’s incredibly easy to just be. When I get out, it’s a different enough experience that it inherently does a number of things to me. First, it makes me appreciate the awesome and generous place my hometown is; and second, it brings exciting new places and new ideas of what my future could realistically become. CONTINUE READING →