“There’s a hundred thousand streets in this city.

You don’t need to know the route.”


I’m ANKUR SOHONI, an aspiring filmmaker and recent graduate of the University of Michigan. This is my blog — whether it’s my thoughts on the film & entertainment businesses, a film review, or parts of my latest photography project — and I’m using this platform to both explore and develop my creativity in expression.

FAMOUS FIRST WORDS refers to a couple things. Most basically, though, it refers to the first spoken words of a film, or the first words of a film’s central character — I’ve always found those words to be, in one way or another, telling and revealing in hindsight by the end of the film. In light of that, I had the idea of spotlighting those words, taking them out of their original context and thinking about what they might suggest on their own. In the blog sidebar is a random generator of the first lines from certain films, and another for the closing lines from certain films. Right now, it’s only about 50-60 possibilities for each, but that will grow quickly. You probably won’t get the same film for both generators, unless you’re lucky. But that’s not the point — the point is to try and understand what these lines do for any film, and seeing films randomly paired is part of that. Regardless of what film it is, what genre, when it was made, or who made it, how do the opening lines (and closing lines) influence and define our basic identification of the film, with or without seeing it?

A B O U T   M E   :   ANKUR SOHONI   

I’m a 22-year-old aspiring filmmaker and recent graduate of the University of Michigan. With a background in both creative filmmaking and business (with a BA and BBA from Michigan), my interest spans from film and video artistic creation (writing, production, editing, etc.) to the study of trends and innovations in the entertainment industry. I also do photography and have experience working in arts journalism as a writer and columnist for The Michigan Daily. I worked at The Walt Disney Studios in Burbank, CA in 2011 as an Intern in Franchise Management.

I am currently working as the Executive Producer for the short film Zug, originally created as part of the thesis program in Screen Arts & Cultures at UofM. My other current projects include The Perfect Sky, a digital art photography set; as well as a 15-20 minute short film project tentatively titled Wide Awake.

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THE YEAR OF THE ACTOR: The Best of 2013

Am. Hustle

Back in the blog game. This year has been a particularly crowded year for movies that’s seen a couple revolutionary looks at storied settings (Gravity & space, 12 Years a Slave & southern slavery, Spring Breakers & … spring break?), original insight on the 20th century American identity (American Hustle, Dallas Buyer’s Club, Inside Llewyn Davis), and a handful of tiny pictures that’ll stay in your heart and mind much longer than most of their big brothers (Fruitvale Station, Before Midnight, Short Term 12, The Spectacular Now, Spring Breakers). Most of all, though, this year is notable for how much actors took over their movies, not due to their own star power but through pure screen presence. Hollywood got casting right this year, and it shows in movies big and small:

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